QuestionHi there, I hope you are doing well. Listen I have this song called “Girls With Natural Hair” and I’m putting together a slide show for it. With your permission, I would love to use one/two of your pics. Let me know if you interested. Answer

Hope you’re doing well too! And yes, feel free :)


NEW MUSIC: Okmalumkoolkat - “iJusi”.

An experimental rapper with an afrofuturist edge, it’s hard to not pay attention to anything South African artist Okmalumkoolkat does.

In the latest dark pink-tinted bi-coastal music video for iJusi, a single featured on hist recently released Holy Oxygen EP, the KZN rapper gives a nod to the late Pan-African icon Chinua Achebe and pioneering painter Jean-Michel Basquiat, whilst giving us alternating views of trippy scenes shot in Vienna and Johannesburg, and delivers a series of dope lines you’re sure to find yourself quoting before the end of the song (“boss talk, no Hugo).

“iJusi means juice in Zulu,” Okmalumkoolkat explains, “As in I got the shining, I am the blessed one.” He also mentions that the song’s intent was “to show flair like Basquiat’s brushstrokes, every bar is a stroke of genius. The poems are informative if you really listen. Just so you all know who has the shining. I feel like in terms of being one with oneself, I am the closest in the continent and in the world’s amongst spoken word messengers.”

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QuestionI love you Answer

Is this who I think it is? If so, this is hilarious, hahaha

New plant

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Hassan Hajjaj’s Rockstars photo series (via Four Pins)

Dressed like Blow today, haha Dressed like Blow today, haha

Dressed like Blow today, haha

2011 Chuck E Cheese

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Questionyou look like you cold lead a revolution Answer

Hehe :)

QuestionYou're so beautiful. I can't wait until my fro is as big as yours! Answer

Aw, thanks! Big things take time, stick wit it! :)

QuestionGorgeous Answer

Thank ya!